With Home Feng Shui the emphasis is on relaxation and health. You will be able
to sleep better at night, children can improve at school, you might find a partner,
and relationships can become more harmonious.

In Business Feng Shui we will design your office, business premises, hotel or
practice in the best possible way for your employees, customers and CEOs.
We will make use of all the opportunities to create efficient solutions that will im-
prove your teamwork substantially and directly support employees. This can result
in higher performance that in turn can lead to higher turnover.

’Special Effects’ As an artist I am placing special emphasis on transforming spaces
gently. In creating your space I will concentrate on functionality, aesthetics, vitality,
and habitability. It is the art of less being more. It is always good to get rid of clutter
in a room before a consultation. Everything that is not needed anymore has to go.
That way you will create space for new things in your life to happen!

Consultation: The analysis will involve using the floor plan of your space. I will
consider the year your building was constructed and also include the dates of birth
for each occupant. The method I will use primarily is that of the Flying Stars which
proves to be especially efficient, since it also takes the aspect of time into account.
A thorough consultation will also include an on-site inspection together with you.

I would recommend to make use of Feng Shui as early as the beginning of
construction for a house or when looking for an apartment. The earlier I can start
work on a project the better and more effective the results will be for you.