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Construction of a new house, landscape gardening, Usedom, the P. family
“ My husband was such a sceptic at first but now he is really happy. To plan the house concerning to feng shui criteria was the best decision we made, he said. Without you the house would never have become the way it is! We are so much in love with each other again. We don’t argue so often any more. Thanks to you everything became really beautiful! You convinced the sceptic. And ever since we live and work in the house our bank balance increased. We are so happy and content.“

House, Göttingen, the F.-K. family
" The living room is so cozy and vivid now, we are sitting there all the time. Before we never sat there. It’s such a great gain. And I feel that the atmosphere in the whole house became much more loving and harmonious. Thank you! Your feng shui consultation was totally inspiring for me. “

Apartment and working space, Berlin, Dr. R.
“ Your tips seem to be successful! The fountain in my study makes a great difference. I cleared all the things that disturbed me and now working here is easy again. Lots of people say, that I radiate positive energy – totally different people. That’s fantastic, thank you so much!“

Flat, Berlin, Ms T., client for many years
“ I’m looking forward so much to your consultation in my new place. Since a couple of years I trust you fully and I feel safe with you.“

Conversion of a house and landscape gardening, Berlin, N. family
"Thank you so much for your wonderful and interesting consultation! Again and again I’m inspired by your feng shui analyses and I immediately get lots of ideas. That’s super.“


Flat, Lüneburg, Ms G., long term client
"I’m a flying stars fan and a fan of yours. Even though there are quite good feng shui consultants here, you stay my first choice. Iappreciate it so much to have you come here from Berlin.“

House and garden, Bielefeld, Ms M., long term client
"Every year the feng shui update for my house and thus for my own wellbeing is extremely important and became only natural.“

Conversion of a house, Berlin, A.-S. family
"We thought of you several times recently. We feel so well in the house and with your tips, changes, recommendations of colours and feng shui remedies. Both of us experience it as a true house of wellbeing. By the way the fertility door in the first floor worked out, too. After N. went through a couple of times she became pregnant. Thus we are exspecting our second child at the beginning of the new year."

A true feng shui successstory
Several months after a feng shui consultation – the couple had meticulously translated my recommendations into action – one of the women was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was to be the result of my consultation? After an interchange with my collegues I quickly realized that this diagnosis was neither the consequence nor the cause of my consultation. Probably the energypotential of the apartment contributed to the illness to arise. The improved feng shui of the flat could lead to the illness being discovered and along with the medical treatment be conducive to the healing. The clients say that the changes in the space (colours, forms, sleepingplace) resulted in much more wellbeing and greater physical energy and power. The diagnosis was made 8 years ago. It’s an ongoing process and we continue working on the improvement of the space.