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Welcome to the pages of Home and Business Feng Shui Consultant
Dagmar Tinschmann-Lichtefeld, Berlin!
With professional experience since 2000 my work is based on the
ancient principals of classical Feng Shui, according to the Flying Stars,
Xuan Kong and the Form School and the Compass School. Of course
this thousands of years old Chinese wisdom is applied in the context of
our present day life in the West.
As an artist I am placing special emphasis on transforming spaces
in a gentle way, focussing on aesthetics and functionality.

From time to time a space clearing is very helpful. 

Enjoy browsing these pages! If you have any further questions please
do not hesitate to call me!
Feng Shui Consultant, Berlin
Higher Diploma from Master Joseph Yu,
Senior Practitioner of Feng Shui
Research Center, Toronto.

Available for consultations nationwide and abroad.

My first encounter with Feng Shui was during
a study visit as an artist to South Korea 1997.
Back in Berlin I started studying different
methods, eventually beginning my profess-
ional practice in 2001.

Artistic career
Exhibitions nationwide and abroad.

Education: German studies/English
state exam at Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg

From language to pictures to spaces

                                          Sincerely, Dagmar Tinschmann-Lichtefeld